A Prayer For My Spouse – Struggles

Heavenly Father,

Today, please bless my spouse and their struggles.

Reveal to them what those struggles are if they are unaware of the specifics.

Give them the desire to do what they can to deal with those struggles in a healthy way.

Fill them with the strength to deal with their specific struggles.

Encourage them to seek you and other Godly counsel in walking through those struggles.

Give them the strength to step away from those things that make the struggles unnecessarily worse.

Surround them with friends and family who will support their relationship with You.

Give them the gift of your presence today.

Reveal yourself to them in your Word.

Show them their worth in you and let their godly characteristics shine through.

Lift them up when they feel overwhelmed.

Help them be humble in their attitude.

Show me how to positively encourage them in their struggles.

Let them feel my love for them.

Thank you for giving me the gift that my spouse is to me.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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