Prayer Series – Struggles

There was only one time in humanity when we did not have to struggle.

Genesis 3:23

…therefore the Lord God sent him out from the garden of Eden to work the ground from which he was taken.

We had it made in the Garden of Eden. All of our needs were supplied. Once sin entered the picture we became creatures of struggle. We all struggle with something. Perhaps many things. Your spouse has struggles that are unique to them. We speak in generalities here because we do not know what is specific to your spouse, but you can tweak these questions and prayer to be specific if you need to.

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What kind of struggles does your spouse have? Do you know them? Are there things that they struggle with that they cannot see? How do they deal with the struggles they have? Do they internalize the struggles? Do they communicate those struggles? Do they deal with those struggles directly? Do they ignore the struggles until they no longer can? What struggles appear to be the hardest ones for them to deal with? Are there ways that you can help them with their struggles?

Take the time to think about the answers to some (or all) of these questions. How would your spouse answer these questions about themselves?

This week, focus your prayers on your spouse and their struggles.

Pray that God show your spouse what they struggle with if they are not already aware.

Pray that God reveal himself in a mighty way in the midst of their struggles.

Ask that God comfort your spouse and walk beside them during those struggles.

Ask God to give your spouse the strength to deal with these struggles in a healthy way.

Pray that God provide other people to help your spouse with those struggles that are too big for them to handle on their own.

Pray that God give your spouse the motivation to walk through those struggles.

Ask God to give your spouse wisdom and discernment in dealing with their particular struggles.

Ask God to help your spouse put Him first in their life.

Ask God to show you how you can be an encouragement to your spouse while they struggle.

Thank God for what a blessing your spouse is to you.

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