“Q” Is For Quality Time

Thinking back to when you first got together, do you remember wanting to spend a lot of time together? The longer you are together as a couple, the more life tends to get in the way of spending quality time together. It is important that you make being together a priority in your marriage. Many experts will tell you to have regular date nights with your spouse. That is good advice and we agree with it, but we would like to add to it. We have talked with many couples who laugh at that advice. With the economy being bad, some couples are having trouble paying their bills, let alone going out on a date. Couples with young children can have trouble getting a babysitter, or affording a babysitter, or just being able to leave their little ones with someone else. Some couples have so many obligations outside of their marriage that they don’t have the time or the inclination to spend an evening out. So let’s take a look at the root of this advice – spending time together. Don’t let your ideas on this be boxed in by what the experts tell you or what other people around you are doing. Your marriage is unique and as such, you need to find those things that uniquely fit your relationship. This could be a “date night”. This could be watching your favorite TV show every week. While you definitely should spend one-on-one time together, you can also spend quality time together in the midst of others. We have spent quality time with each other by taking our children to the park. You can spend quality time together being at home. We have spent many summer evenings sitting outside on our back patio while the children were inside doing their own thing. Even taking care of adult business can be turned into spending time together by doing errands together or working together on home projects. We knew a couple that their quality time together was when the children were occupied or in bed, the husband was working in the garage and the wife sat in her spot near the workbench just hanging out in the same place as her husband. The point is that there are many possibilities and you must take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself for you to spend quality time together.

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  1. Yes, it is very important to have regular date nights with your spouse. So very important. A poor economy is no excuse to not spend time together. You can have a very successful date night at home that costs you nothing. Quality time is what you are looking to make happen when it is a date night. I agree, date nights are important.

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