A prayer for my marriage: Being pro-active

Heavenly Father,

Today, please bless my marriage.

Help me to be pro-active in how I deal with my spouse.

Teach me about the depths of my spouse’s personality.

Show me the ways in which I can anticipate the needs of my marriage.

Silence my tongue in the midst of conflict.

Caution me to think before I speak.

Shield my heart from any temptation.

Keep my words and actions to those that will build my marriage.

Thank you for the gift that my marriage and my spouse are to me.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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Pro-active vs. Re-active Marriage

We tend to be proactive in how we deal with life in general and particularly our marriage. We are both that way because of our individual personalities but having previous marriages in our pasts has also contributed to that tendency to be pro-active vs. re-active.

Re-active vs. Pro-active Marriage: www.successfulchristianremarriage.comBeing pro-active requires getting to know our spouse inside and out. We don’t become mind readers, but we are able to better anticipate how they will respond to things. More importantly, we get to know what builds them up which, in turn, makes us better spouses.

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Is your marriage pro-active or re-active?